Ho Wood + Rose Geranium Body Balm 60ml

This is one of our favourites at LUMORE. The perfect mix of light, floral Rose Geranium mixed with the underlying woody tones of the Ho-Wood. Together, these essential oils create a scrumtious aroma that is both uplifting and deeply relaxant; take the edge off your day with our grounding, floral body balm.


We recommend you...

Massage a small amount into your palm and massage directly into your skin, focusing on particular areas that are dry, such as elbows and lower legs. For ultimate hydration, apply a small amount to your palm, warm together with both hands and run your fingertips through the ends of your hair. Finish by massaging in to your cuticles with circular motions.


Massage a small amount into your palm, warm together with both hands and take three deep breaths. 1...2...3.... Finish by applying the scent in circular motions to pulse points, wrists and behind the ears.



  • Nourishing on the body
  • Perfect Massage Balm
  • Full of Minerals
  • Multi-Purpose Balm
  • Natural Skincare Products
  • Handcrafted in Bristol


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Ho-Wood + Rose Geranium Body Balm