Body Oil Discovery Set 4 x 30ml

The perfect collection for all you aromatherapy seekers. Venture into an aromatherapy journey with our 4 most popular body oils, each with a nourishing blend of essentials oils. This discovery set enables you to try each oil before purchasing the larger size. This set is popular amongst those buying gifts for loved ones or those seeking an aromatherapy journey of self-care. It's self-care in abundance. 


Experience each of our body oils, one by one, with our Body Oil Discovery Set. 


We recommend you...

Pop in your handbag and embrace aromatherapy moments throughout the day; apply the body oil to help you feel grounded and gratitude in each day. Apply to hands, inhale with three deep breaths and apply on pulse points, wrists and behind the ears. 


Pour a small amount of oil to your hands before massaging directly on to your skin, focusing on particular areas that may be dry, such as elbows and lower legs. For ultimate hydration, run the oil through the ends of your hair and massage in to your cuticles with circular motions.


What's included? 
All four Body Oils 10ml set x4

Neroli + Rose Geranium

Rosemary, Frankincense + Clary Sage

Ho-wood + Rose Geranium

Coconut, Vanilla + Rosemary



  • Nourishing on the body.
  • Multi-Purpose Oil
  • Natural Skincare Products
  • Handcrafted in Bristol


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