My Why?

Lumore was always a dream of mine, to create my own Skincare + Wellbeing Brand. It was definitely on the mood board. I mean how incredible would that be? Well, in 2020 my dream became my reality. When the pandemic hit and I was unable to offer treatments and was struggling with the loss of my Granny, I needed to channel my energy and that's when I got to work creating Lumore! I wanted to create a skincare + wellbeing brand that was able to bring self - care home. Creating moments of peace that would have normally been achieved when you receive a great treatment (massage, facial + reflexology.)

Making self - care a ritual. 

How did it start?

Before becoming self-employed in Dec 2020, I worked in Spa's across the South West for years working with incredible skincare brands, going on countless training courses which only inspired me to create something of my own. This is where I wanted to create an extension of Luxe Amore, This is where I came up with the idea of bringing the treatment home. 


What's Luxe Amore?

 Luxe Amore is our sister company, which is our wellbeing studio where we specialise in holistic treatments; Massage, Facials + Reflexology. My treatment room is based in Bristol, UK.

If you're interested in booking a treatment. 

Please Click Here.

Luxe Amore is for me what symbolises everything love and luxury and Lumore is an extension of this.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

Megan Olivia x




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Hi! I'm Megan the owner & creator behind Lumore!